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Cotswolds AONB Hedgelaying Competition 2017
Entries are now being taken for the 2017 championship which will be held on Saturday 18th November at Workham Farm, Fifield, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 6HS
Cotswolds Stepping Stones Programme
Paid opportunities for Level 1 dry-stone wallers!
New 2016 Dry Stone Walling Competition
In 2016, we bring you the Best Cotswolds Dry-Stone Wall competition!
Hedgelaying Courses
Hedgelaying Courses
12th May 2016
Hedges can be seen all over the Cotswolds, but did you know about the important benefits that hedges bring to wildlife?
Dry Stone Walling Courses
Dry stone walls are truly an icon of our beautiful Cotswolds landscapes. You can join us and learn how to build your very own dry stone wall!
Blacksmiths Forge Opening
As part of our 50th anniversary events, we are excited to announce that the old Blacksmith Forge at our base at the Old Prison in Northleach has now opened!
Building a Home Made Blacksmiths Forge
Read how one trainee took his enthusiasm for blacksmithing one step further
New Scholarship Scheme for Traditional Crafts Announced!
Charcoal making day with the Cotswolds Rural Skills team
The Cotswolds Rural Skills team have been busy making sustainable charcoal! This week was the first "trial run" completed by members of the volunteer Cotswolds Wardens and Rural Skills team. Courses will be made available to the public soon - so come along and get your hands dirty!
Date and Venue set for the 2014 Cotswolds Dry Stone Walling Competition!
Building a wall? What a great IKEA!
Employees from IKEA try their hand at dry-stone walling in the Cotswolds
Walling Diaries - Andrea Keys
Read how one trainee put her new found skills into practice to repair her own dry-stone wall.
2012 North Cotswolds Hedgelaying Competition
Date & Location confirmed
2012 Cotswolds Dry-stone Walling Competition
Date and Location Confirmed
Photos from North Cotswolds Hedgelaying Competition and Dry Stone Walling Competition!
2011 Dry Stone Walling Competition Winners
Twenty dry-stone wallers from across the region took part in this year's annual Cotswolds AONB Open Dry Stone Walling Competition.
Keep Active this autumn and winter!
New rural skills programme for autumn and winter released.