"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)



25th April 2020 | Greystones Farm Nature Reserve
| £49
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
A fantastic one day course focussing on bird identification, involving a combination of field identification and class-room learning

Course description:  Are you interesting in learning how to identify bird species by sight and sound?

On this course you will focus on identifying between 10 and 20 common Cotswolds bird species, through their appearance and range of calls. These identification skills will be taught by a combination of field-work (involving two bird walks hosted by the instructor Andy Lewis) and class-room sessions directed at the species encountered on these walks, plus information about the species themselves, from their habits, behaviours, anatomy and other useful information.

A detailed breakdown of the day is provided below:


Classroom 1:

Bird anatomy and how to describe it

Season changes - plumage, migration, behaviour

Song vs calls

'Top 10' species

Any Questions

Quick revision: Top 10 and songs.

Walk 1 (1 hour):

Roundhouse - ramparts - green lane -Moors Lane - scrub - return

Morning Summary:

What we saw and heard. Common species. A few other species seen but not yet covered. Quick revision: Top 10 and songs. Questions

Classroom 2:

Quick revision: Top 10 and songs

Further 10 species, sight and sound

Confusion species


Walk 2 (1 hour):

Greystones Lane - Station Rd -Post Office - Cricket/Tennis Clubs - Bury Barn - roundhouse - return

Course Summary (afternoon):

What we saw and heard. All species. Quick revision: Top 10 plus others, and songs. Where to find out more. Where to go in the Cotswolds. Surveys. Questions.

What do you need to know: No prior knowledge or experience is required. This course is ideal for those who have no or very little knowledge of bird identification and want to learn more!

Instructor: Andy Lewis is Chairman of the North Cotswold Ornithological Society, a local surveying and recording group. He also curorganised a general winter bird survey with volunteers covering the whole county. All materials and equipment provided.

What do you need to bring: You will need to bring appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear, snacks and drinks and a packed lunch. Binoculars and a Notebook is also recommended, and clip-boards, hand-outs and other learning materials will also be provided as necessary.  

Times: Start: 10.00 am, Finish 16.00 pm (approximately)


Photo: ‚€úLinnet ‚€" Richard Tyler‚€Ě.