"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


LANTRA Accredited Level 1 Dry-stone Walling Course **COURSE FULL**

10th September 2018 - 22nd September 2018 | Burford, Oxfordshire
| £285
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Accredited Dry-stone walling course suitable for those who have attended a Beginners course or have some experience of dry-stone walling.

LANTRA Level 1 (Initial) Dry-stone Walling Course

Looking to develop your dry-stone walling skills further? Or maybe you are thinking of entering dry-stone walling as a career. The LANTRA Level 1 course is a great place to practice your skills, learn new ones and achieve an industry recognised qualification in the process.

Course Description

The LANTRA Level 1 course consists of five training days on which trainees will learn how to build and repair a traditional dry-stone wall to a professional standard. The course will cover; stripping out the wall, preparing and laying foundations, building and packing, placing throughbands, copestones, how to select and shape stone and how to set the batter.

Location: Cotswolds Dry-stone Walling Academy, Burford Quarry, Oxfordshire

Dates: The course is made up of 5 training days and one assessment day. The dates of which are;

  •    10th, 11th; 12th, 13th, 14th September
  •    22nd September (Assessment)

Cost: The cost of this course is £285 per person (including DSWA Assessment Fee of £110).

Assessment: Assessment takes the form of a 7 hour practical test whereby trainees are required to strip down and rebuild 2.5 square metres of dry-stone wall, not less than 1 metre in height.  This is a rigorous test, not only in the standard of walling required, but in the physical demands of the waller. The achievement of this test forms the main validation for a professional waller and will enable the holder to progress to the LANTRA Intermediate level 2 course.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants to the course must meet at least ONE of the following criteria;

·           Have attended a two day Dry-stone Walling for Beginners course

·          Some experience of dry-stone walling

Applicants must be willing to provide evidence of their dry-stone walling experience. Applicants must also be physically fit and be committed to completing ALL training days and the assessment.

The standards of walling are those set by the DSWA of Great Britain, and the course will work ONLY to those standards. Training will be given in all aspects of the correct construction required by the test. Trainees will be expected to assemble a minimum collection of tools,e.g. hammer, lines, tape measure, bucket, spade and pickaxe or similar, but tools will be initially available.

How to apply: complete and return the application form and send it to the address above.

Payment: The course fee can be paid online via this website or by sending a cheque (made payable to the Cotswolds Conservation Board) to the address above

Instructor: to be confirmed