"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Blacksmithing Improvers - Tongs forging **COURSE FULL**

| £198
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Spend a day learning about the skill of blacksmithing through practising the use of the tools and techniques used by blacksmiths to make a set of tongs.

Course description: For centuries the blacksmith was regarded as the most important man in the rural community. Here in the Cotswolds, it would have been the blacksmith who made and serviced the vast range of iron implements, tools and utensils used on the farm, in the workshop and in the home. In the days before the tractor, when farmers relied upon the horse, the blacksmith also spent much of his time engaged in shoeing and other farrier tasks, particularly on large estates.

Today blacksmiths create both ornamental and functional objects by applying traditional and modern specialist techniques to form, shape and join metals such as steel, iron, brass, copper and bronze.

During the improvers day you will learn about the blacksmith processes through a specific focus on forging a set of tongs to take home. Various techniques will be demonstrated to show how it is done and then participants will be able to have a go themselves.

What do you need to know: Some prior knowledge or experience is required. This course is ideal for those who have completed a beginners Blacksmithing course with the Cotswolds AONB or other organisations, and want to develop their knowledge further!

Instructor: David Joy is an expert blacksmith with many years experience in traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques. You can see more of David's work at www.davidjoyblacksmith.co.uk

What to bring on the day: All materials and equipment provided. You will need to bring appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear and a packed lunch.

Times: Start: 10.30 am, Finish 17.00 pm (approximately)