"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Map & Compass

23rd October 2011 | Westwood Centre, Northleach
| £9
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Learn to navigate your way around the Cotswolds using a map and compass.

Basic map and compass skills are useful for many walkers, and essential in hilly, heavily wooded and remote areas. Even if you are following a signed route or using a good guidebook, knowing how to find your way around with a map will give you more options for diversions and escape routes, and help if you get lost or encounter damaged or missing signs. Navigation skills are also essential for walk leaders intending to take groups of people out into the countryside.

This is a very useful one day course for those interested in basic navigation training where you will learn how to read a map and use a compass effectively with our Cotswold Voluntary Wardens.