"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Weaving the Wonderful Cotswolds 2 Day Course

18th June 2016 - 19th June 2016 | Cotswolds, Gloucestershire
| £155
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Enjoy the Cotswolds through observing and recording the outstanding natural beauty in this Cotswold AONB special 50th workshop. The workshop will be run at Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park, GL54 5UG on the Saturday, and Cotswolds Discovery Centre, Northleach, GL54 3JH on the Sunday.

The workshop is led by talented Cotswold Handweaver Rebecca Connolly

Students need have no prior knowledge of spinning, dyeing or weaving.  However the course would be suitable for those with some experience in any of the areas as Rebecca will be able to advance their skills.

Students should bring a simple camera/phone, a sketch/note book, pencils/paints etc.  An apron and rubber gloves.

At the end of the 2 day workshop, students can expect to have a variety of wool yarns they have spun themselves, small amounts of wool yarn dyed with plant dyes they have made and one or more pieces of their own weaving, incorporating their own hand-spun and dyed wool.  Weave samples will be 4" wide and can be any length up to 75cm and may have been made into simple stitched items.

Course Outline

Day One at Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park.

Welcome and brief introduction to the course by lead tutor Rebecca Connolly

Farm walk to see rare breed sheep and far reaching Cotswold landscape with farm staff and Rebecca. Recording inspiration for weaving project; colours, textures, shapes, proportions etc,

Sheep focused activity in the 'handling barn' with farm staff; this may include handling, sheering, looking at sheep breed characteristics and fleece qualities.

Fleece preparation and spinning activity with Northleach Spinners and Weavers group, led by Lisa Walker
Following  an introduction to hand-spinning, using cleaned fleece from a variety of sheep breeds, demonstration of processes such as carding and spinning on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel to produce a variety of yarn styles. Students will be supported to learn these techniques to make their own wool yarn.

Dyeing wool with natural plant dyes activity with tutor Rebecca Connolly
Following an overview of Natural Dying methods, the plants used and the colours produced, Rebecca will work with the students to extract dye from from an assortment of fresh and dried plants.  Using prepared wool, including hand-spun, students will dye small samples of yarn, inspired by their own colour research and personal preferences, for their weaving on Day 2.  (Students will be asked to rinse and dry their dyed yarn overnight).

Day 2 at Cotswolds Discovery Centre at the Old Prison, Northleach

Weaving activity all day

Introduction to weaving for Beginners.
Demonstration of weaving using the Rigid Heddle and Back-strap 'loom'.  Each student will have exclusive use of a Rigid Heddle loom for the day.

Using your photographs, observations etc. to inspire your designing for weave.  
Weaving with paper as a design tool.
Card windings, designing with colour and proportion.

Demonstration and technique of threading and setting up the Rigid Heddle loom.

Weaving samples on their loom, using a variety of style and colour wool yarns supplied and incorporating their own hand-spun wool.

Students will be encouraged to make a second warp time permitting, to further their explorations into weaving with diverse character wools.  What effects come from using colours or neutrals, thick or thin threads, textured or smooth yarns and incorporating other materials; sticks, string, paper ...

The session will close with a "look at  what I've woven" and a "what can I do with my weaving" discussion.  Also suggestions for developing student's weaving skills with learning to weave on a 4 shaft table loom.

Don't miss out on this fun and creative workshop!