"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Charcoal Making

18th September 2014 | Coberley, Gloucestershire
| £59
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
A practical insight into the ancient rural craft of charcoal making

Course Description:This course offers participants a practical insight into the process of charcoal making, its history, and its connection with wildlife conservation and sustainable woodland management. Participants will be involved in all aspects of unloading and loading the charcoal kiln – learning all the techniques and tips for producing first class BBQ charcoal.

Charcoal making is an ancient rural craft closely aligned with the industry of man. Charcoal was once a vital component in the smelting and working of metal and has been practised in Britain since circa 2000 BC. More recently, charcoal has been utilized as an effective fuel for BBQ making. An increased awareness of the negative impacts of some imported charcoal, alongside the known conservation benefits of coppicing and traditional woodland management, have meant that an English charcoal industry is beginning to re-emerge. Local charcoal making has therefore seen a surge in popularity, particularly amongst conservation groups. To finish the day we will be testing our product with an optional BBQ – bring your own food to test the quality of our product!

What do you need to know: No prior knowledge is needed – just enthusiasm!

Instructor:Our instructor for the charcoal making course is Alex Arthur from Chew Valley charcoal. Alex is an expert in the management of woodlands and the charcoal making process having been involved in the craft for over 10 years. He is well known in the woodworking and woodland management industry for his knowledge and expertise and runs regular courses in charcoal making, coppicing and other woodland management skills.

What to bring on the day: Appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear, and a packed lunch are recommended. All additional materials and equipment will be provided.