"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Grassland Ecology & Management

12th June 2011 | Rodborough Common
| £49
Course Provider: Cotswolds AONB
A day in the field exploring and enjoying the wildlife, ecology, history and management of some of our finest wildflower grasslands.

Course description: The Cotswolds is nationally important for its ancient limestone grasslands and the array of plants and animals to be found on them. This site based course will not only show you this wildlife it will also explore the creation, ecology and management of these special grasslands.

Objectives; at the end of the course participants should be able to;

  1. Understand the physical, ecological and historical factors that dictate the wildlife value of grassland.
  2. Relate grassland management techniques to these factors.
  3. Explain to others in simple terms the reasons for given grassland management projects.

We will also cover basic grassland wildlife identification focusing on plants, butterflies and birds.

What do you need to know: This course is open to all but you will need to be physically capable of spending a day walking across grass fields. No prior knowledge or experience is required but it will be especially of interest to those who wish to support wildflower grassland conservation through conservation volunteering, interpretation/educational work or as a land manager.

Instructor: Simon Smith C.Env M.I.E.E.M. is currently employed by the Cotswolds Conservation Board. Simon has 27 years experience of developing and delivering conservation projects.

What to bring on the day: You need to bring appropriate clothing, suitable footwear for walking and a packed lunch & drink.

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