"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


LANTRA Level 2 (Intermediate) Dry-stone Walling Course

21st October 2013 - 31st October 2013 | Northleach, Gloucestershire
| £410
Course Provider: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Accredited Dry-stone walling course suitable for those with Level 1 certificate or minimum 12 months experience in dry-stone walling.


LANTRA Level 2 (Intermediate) course

in the Cotswolds – October 2013


The Cotswolds Conservation Board will be running a LANTRA accredited Level 2 (Intermediate) course this October. The 8 day course will be held at the site of the Board’s new dry-stone walling academy in Northleach, Gloucestershire.


Location: Cotswolds Dry-stone Walling Academy, The Old Prison, Fosse Way, Northleach, Gloucestershire, GL54 3JH

Dates: Training will be split into two blocks of four days training, the dates of which are;

·         Monday 21st  – Thursday 24th October (8.30am – 4.30pm)

·         Monday 28th – Thursday 31st October (8.30am – 4.30pm)

·         Tuesday 5th November – Assessment (8.00am – 5.00pm)

Cost: The cost of this course is £275 per person + assessment fee (£135). Total = £410


Course Description: Trainees that complete this course and pass the assessment will receive their Lantra Level 2 (Intermediate) certificate. During the course trainees will learn the techniques and skills required to strip down and rebuild 2.5 square metres of dry-stone wall, incorporating a cheek end.

Assessment: Assessment takes the form of a 7 hour practical test whereby trainees are required to strip down and rebuild 2.5 square metres of dry-stone wall, not less than 1 metre in height, which incorporates a vertical cheek end/wallhead within this period. The achievement of this test forms the main validation for a professional waller and will enable the holder to progress to advanced and master craftsman levels. This is a rigorous test, not only in the standard of walling required, but in the physical demands of the waller.


Entry Requirements:


Applicants to the course must meet at least ONE of the following criteria;

  • ·           Hold a LANTRA Level 1 certificate + MINIMUM 3 months experience working as full-time dry-stone waller
  • ·            MINIMUM 12 months experience working as a full-time dry-stone waller

Applicants must be willing to provide evidence of their dry-stone walling experience though a combination of photos and references. Applicants must also be physically fit and be committed to completing ALL training days and the assessment.

The standards of walling are those set by the DSWA of Great Britain, and the course will work ONLY to those standards. Training will be given in all aspects of the correct construction required by the test. Trainees will be expected to assemble a minimum collection of tools,e.g. hammer, lines, tape measure, bucket, spade and pickaxe or similar, but tools will be initially available.

How to apply: complete and return the application form, along with a cheque for £410, to the address above.

Cotswolds based dry-stone wallers will have first refusal on course places until Friday 13th September. After this date, places will be made available to wallers from outside the AONB, subject to entry requirements being met. Visit www.cotswoldsruralskills.org.uk for more details or call 01451 862000.