"Beautiful location. Excellent instructors" - Alan (Burford, Oxfordshire)


Green Woodworking in the Cotswolds

What is Green Woodworking?

Green woodworking is the term used for the method of turning freshly felled wood (green) into useful and practical objects. On this activity you and your colleagues will learn how to harness your creative instincts in order to mould and shape a freshly felled piece of wood using a variety of hand tools including axes, wedges and drawknives.

Activity Description

This Activity is designed to introduce you to the ancient craft of green woodworking. During the activity you can expect to learn the following skills;

  • cleaving
  • trimming
  • shaving
  • using a pole lathe

You will also learn about the tools that will be used during the course and how to maintain them. By the end of the activity trainees will be able to take away a simple, functional item that they have made such as a wooden spoon, spatula or mallet.

Activity Details

Locations avaiable: Bath, Gloucester, Northleach

Dates available: All year round

Group size: 4 - 8


1 day activity = £120

2 day activity = £180

A minimum of 4 people are required for this activity

All tools and equipment necessary for the event will be provided and the instructor will run through how each tool should be used during the activity.
Parking and a toilet will be available on or near to the site of the activity.
For all activities we can provide a variety of catering options to suit to your needs and that of your team.
Contact us
For further information please contact our Rural Skills and Grants Officer, Ed Bonn on 01451 862032 or email ruralskills@cotswoldsaonb.org.uk