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Welcome to Cotswolds Rural Skills

The Cotswolds Rural Skills website is a one stop shop for  training courses and competitions in a wide range of rural skills and crafts throughout the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. By working with local instructors, organisations, community groups and landowners we ensure that these courses are not only informative and practical but also make a noticeable and lasting contribution to the Cotswold landscape. So whether you want to try your hand at blacksmithing, rebuild a 200 year old dry stone wall or have a go at the ancient art of thatching, then one of these courses could be for you!  Booking online is easy just click on the course you're interested in, register and pay.

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Upcoming Courses

Introduction to Scything COURSE FULL!
1st June 2016 - Northleach, Gloucestershire
Practical course that introduces the traditional skill of using a scythe. No prior experience required.
Dry Stone Walling - Beginners *COURSE FULL*
4th June 2016 - 5th June 2016 - Broadway Tower, Worcestershire
Spend a two days in the glorious Cotswolds landscape rebuilding a historic dry stone wall.
Learn some of the techniques and skills of traditional Cotswold tile roofing. No experience required.
Thatching - Taster Day COURSE FULL
11th June 2016 - Northleach
Spend a day learning the age old art of straw thatching.
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Latest News

New 2016 Dry Stone Walling Competition
In 2016, we bring you the Best Cotswolds Dry-Stone Wall competition!
Hedgelaying Courses
Hedgelaying Courses
12th May 2016
Hedges can be seen all over the Cotswolds, but did you know about the important benefits that hedges bring to wildlife?
Dry Stone Walling Courses
Dry stone walls are truly an icon of our beautiful Cotswolds landscapes. You can join us and learn how to build your very own dry stone wall!
Blacksmiths Forge Opening
As part of our 50th anniversary events, we are excited to announce that the old Blacksmith Forge at our base at the Old Prison in Northleach has now opened!

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